Feelgood Factory

The Feel Good Factory concept has been developed by Shapemaster, the world leaders in power assisted exercise and the UK's original manufacturer of toning tables.

Shapemaster have always known the health benefits of power assisted exercise, having long supplied these to the medical and rehabilitation profession. In the 1980's however, Shapemaster's toning equipment also became recognised for its weight and inch loss benefits and the toning revolution was born. Toning Tables became an almost overnight phenomenon with hundreds of customers reporting amazing results and svelte new waistlines. Since then, Shapemaster equipment has continued to inspire and transform the lives and bodies of people across the globe.


The toning tables have now been developed to offer customers the new, sleeker 'Powertone' range, which still provides the same great benefits, but in a more time effective manner and with dual function equipment that is even more enjoyable to use. In addition, Shapemaster have pioneered the 'Easytone' range of toning chairs, making the benefits even more accessible for those with mobility issues.

Shapemaster remains a privately owned, British company. We design, develop and manufacture all our equipment in the UK. Shapemaster have now taken the traditional concept of toning tables, revolutionised with the very latest in design and engineering and combined with a relaxing, spa-like ambience to produce the Feel Good Factory concept. The Feel Good Factory offers effective weight and inch loss, together with health and wellbeing benefits in an enjoyable and comfortable environment. We want everyone who comes to the Feel Good Factory to quite literally, FEEL GOOD!


The effects are unrivalled. The quality of the equipment is the best on the market. The toning revolution is back and it is better than ever. Join your nearest centre now! or contact us.