Feelgood Factory


“The FeelGood Factory has simply changed my life. I have progressive MS and was diagnosed ten years ago. I found walking very difficult and had to be supported at all times. When I had bad days and was really fatigued this would also affect my mental health as I would be virtually housebound. I now use the equipment at the FeelGood Factory 3 times a week and can walk completely unaided. I have been able to return to work and feel independent again, something I had never dreamed possible. Even now, I do still get bad days, but this is where the equipment is most vital to me. I feel so much better afterwards; it is the only thing that helps.”


“The machines are absolutely fantastic to use, you can either put in a little bit of effort, no effort or a lot of effort depending on your ability. They are easy to use and couldn’t harm anyone. I was a size 16 before and I am now a neat size ten, plus I’ve made loads of new friends through the FeelGood Factory. I am so pleased!”


“I joined to help with my health and mobility. The doctors had told me I needed to bring my high blood pressure down and I have! The FeelGood Factory has been wonderful for my health, I’ve also lost weight, inches and it has helped with my diabetes. I really do FeelGood again”


“I reached a point where I found I could no longer do the things I had always taken for granted. I stopped having baths and just used the shower as I struggled to get myself in and out of the bath. On stairs, I found I would have to have a break half way up and would need to hold on to the bannister. Since using the FeelGood Factory I’ve regained so much of my mobility, I’m having baths again now when I’m on the steps, I just go! I feel young again and it’s great.”


“I have been a FeelGood Factory member for the last ten years. I’m 87 years old and have had two hip replacements but the equipment keeps me healthy and mobile. After my second hip replacement I was back at the FeelGood Factory within a month and I am convinced it helped with my rehabilitation. Most people start slowing down at my age, but I don’t see myself slowing down any time soon.”