Feelgood Factory Workout

One of the most common reactions we get from our new customers is surprise at how wonderfully simple the workout is. As a member we know that you want a quick, convenient workout that benefits your whole body. So that’s what we give you!

Rather than leaving you to queue up for equipment that is already taken, or having you to decide by yourself which muscle groups you need to focus on and which equipment you need to do this, we offer an appointment based system that lets you book in for a time that suits you, so that you know you can just turn up at a time that suits you and start exercising.

Because the circuit is pre-defined, you simply start on the first machine, then when your time is up move on to the next one. You have time to enjoy your workout and relax, as you know exactly how long it will take you.  There’s no need to worry about which machine is going to do what and whether or not you’ll manage to get onto all the ones you want, you have your own personal slot for each station!  

A fully trained members of staff is always on hand to offer advice and support and to catch up with you and ask how your day is going!